Home to School Transport, an update

The most recent meeting of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee

As some people will be aware I have been concerned for some time about the fairness of the home to school transport policies of Cheshire West and Chester Council and the effects on families in Tarporley Ward. You will also know that the wheels of bureaucracy turn very slowly indeed!

As the result of a Motion to Council by me a good few months ago there has been work done. I was not invited to be a member of the Task Group set up to investigate the matter but have made a point of attending and contributing to every meeting that group held. Under the chairmanship of Cllr Harry Tonge progress is being made and I am optimistic that we will deliver improvements.

If you follow this link https://cheshirewestandchester.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/438908?force_language_code=en_GB you will be able to see the most recent report to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

I would like to than Cllr Harry Tonge and the other members of the committee and the Council officers from Transport and School Admissions who contributed as well

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