The glamour, the gifts and the regalia

The beautifully wrapped regalia of office of a councillor

Tou may have wondered why I was willing to work so hard at getting elected as your councillor? Doubtless you may have entertained thoughts about the robes of office, the shiny gifts and all the other perks of office. Above you will see my fabulous gift containing my regalia and staff of office all beautifully wrapped for presentation for me at the Town Hall in Chester today. In a glittering morning of ceremony and presentations on the IT system, the directorates and responsibilities, the apps available to elected members, the declarations of interests and the outline of the budget we met council staff and new members. We networked and drank coffee, we applauded and even ate sandwiches.

Eventually we got the opportunity to open our precious bags…

I bet you’re impressed and not a little envious! I shall be wielding my trusty new weapons tomorrow, helping once more with the Tarporley Best Kept Village team

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