Thank you!

In case you missed, it the local elections have happened and I want to thank the amazing number of people who turned out to re-elect me as your local councillor. I honestly didn’t know until a few minutes after the ballot boxes were turned out onto the counting tables that this would be a landslide. Then it became a bit overwhelming and my wonderful team started to find my incredulity amusing. At least you know I didn’t take your votes for granted!

Thank you also for the many messages of congratulations already received. I am trying to answer them.

Now the work will begin again very soon. On Tuesday I will be signing up to all the necessary oaths of office etc and getting my official IT sorted out. I will almost immediately start working with community representatives and Council staff to try to get a decent outcome for the residents of Oathills Lea and ensure good provision on that site in future. The local bus will also feature!

I will be throwing my support behind Tarpfest, that popular local celebration of good food, music and art. It will be good for community building and for local businesses as well as raising money for the Tarporley Community Centre new roof.

If anyone has one of the lovely lilac pebbles that volunteers painted for the elections please would you consider redecorating them to support Tarpfest.

Tarpfest 2019
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