Don’t risk it!!

Vote independent tomorrow or lose a great asset to the Tarporley ward. As a parish councillor for Little Budworth I have been contemplating what the local election outcome could mean for residents. For the last 2 years, I have volunteered on the Little Budworth Parish council and in that time have worked closely with our current ward councillor, Eveleigh Moore Dutton, on many issues. I have been astounded by her knowledge and expertise in so many matters including; planning, licensing, transport, highways and the inner workings of Cheshire West and Chester council! She is the sort of person you can rely on to provide a balanced view with knowledge and integrity! Eveleigh has worked tirelessly for our parish council and having spoken to other parish councils in our ward I know they have experienced the same. She has always strived, over the past 8 years to do her very best for US, as residents. She has an incredible way of working with people from all walks of life and political backgrounds in order to gain the ‘right’ outcome. She is compassionate but also knows the limits of what’s possible. Her hard work and dedication ensures the achievable is achieved! If we were to lose access to this vast amount of knowledge from a genuine and caring person this would be a great detriment to every resident in the ward. We have an opportunity to continue working with Eveleigh so please vote for her tomorrow!!

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