Decision-day looms

You be the Judge! Will you put people before party?

On Thursday you get the chance to decide who should work for your community for the next four years. Its a big decision and it makes a difference.

How can you choose? Well I suppose you may want to judge people on their past performance. You can choose between two of the candidates who have experience in the role and those who haven’t. The Liberal Democrat candidate was, until a few years ago, a councillor in London. At present he is, he told me, in the process of relocating to Cambridge. The other two “big party” candidates are beginners to the role and are looking for experience.

I did live on Tarporley High Street for a number of years and was formerly the County Councilor for the area (Broxton Division) that included the Red Fox traffic lights. I have lived in this part of Cheshire since 1979. BUT…I am not suggesting that you should judge me on my length of time living and working near you. I would prefer it if you read the other articles on this blog to get some idea of what I have been doing in and around the Tarporley Ward. You can then judge whether a track record of helping residents on a personal basis, advising on planning applications or housing issues matters; whether being a school governor, a campaigner for community safety, a warrior against filth, fly-tipping, potholes and traffic problems and someone who actively participates in community projects from planting wildflowers and orchards or sweeping up autumn leaves and cleaning car parks serves the community. Does my work on local bus services matter, would you like to see the Rode Street roundabout turned into an attractive gateway to the village, do you think that the speed limits I campaigned for have made the area into a safer and more pleasant place? Do you value the sheltered homes for older residents or the affordable homes for our young people so that they can live, love and work in the area they grew up in? I do.

You judge whether or not I have worked hard for you. You probably won’t get another chance for four years. You can choose, in essence between someone who has demonstrated commitment and achievement and someone untested and who wants to learn on the job.

People before Party!
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