Potholes, Pavements and Roads

Our roads are in a shocking state and so are our pavements. If you follow my Tarporley Ward Matters Facebook page you will know that I regularly report potholes, trip hazards, damaged road signs, fly tipping, floods and blocked gulleys. Those are just the ones I put on the Facebook page when I have a moment, there are many more that don’t get reported.

We need to invest money in keeping our roads safe and our pavements free of trip hazards; it isn’t something that could be done even in a few years. We need to ensure that more money is invested in fixing the problems when the weather is good rather than throwing some emergency filling into wet or frozen potholes in winter. We need to talk to central government about investing in preventative measures rather than relying on emergency pothole money handouts every winter. Proper planning and prevention would be more cost effective in the long run and make our roads and pavements safer.

I know that if we don’t tackle the problems with more determination we will pay for it in other ways with damage to vehicles and to pedestrians. More and more cars seem to be suffering damage to tyres and suspension or windscreens but an older person can suffer life changing injuries from a fall on a pavement.

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