Good homes needed

Local people of all ages find it prohibitively expensive to make their homes in their village

In the whole of Cheshire West and Chester borough area Tarporley has the biggest gap between what local young people can afford to buy or to rent and the homes that are available. It can be particularly difficult for young people to stay near to their families and friends when they start making their ways up their careers and starting their own family lives. When I look at the children at the primary schools or streaming out of the High School I wonder where they will all live one day. What if they want to work in the High Street or on the business park, what if they want to be volunteer fire fighters, required to live near the fire station? Or maybe they will want to work in the Hospital, the medical centre or the schools. Will they have to commute to work, worsening congestion, air pollution and costing them time and money.

When I first became your councillor James Blackford, pictured above in the centre picture challenged me to see that affordable homes for local people came out of the planning applications then being processed and the homes on the Brook Road development are the happy result. It is very gratifying to see them occupied now. There is a lapsed permission for a few more that can be revived. There are also affordable homes on the Haddington Park development that are fulfilling the dreams of their occupants and their parents. More will come from the “Daffodil Field” development but after that there is likely to be a pause at best.

There is work needed to ensure that people from the other parishes in the ward also qualify for housing here. There is very little affordable or social housing available in Little Budworth, Utkinton, Cotebrook or Eaton and Rushton.
That is why I helped to pay for the Housing Needs Survey Survey so that we could gain the best intelligence on future needs right across the ward.

At the other end of the age spectrum we have the ongoing sorry saga of the Oathills Lea sheltered flats that are giving me a great deal of concern to say nothing of the anxiety to the residents.

Last time I looked at the statistics almost one in four homes in Tarporley was a single occupant household, many occupied by older residents who will want, in time, to downsize to attractive and convenient homes. If they are able to do this more family homes will come onto the market and the natural cycle can resume.

If you elect me on Thursday I will be able to continue to work with the Housing Associations, the planners and the Parish Councils to help solve these problems.

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