A Fruitful Idea

A few years ago I suggested to Eaton and Rushton Parish Council that I would like to plant a few fruit trees at the Oulton Mill Pool Picnic Site that they had recently acquired. I have an interest in growing heritage varieties of apple trees especially the ones native to Cheshire. The upshot was that I commissioned two trees for the site, the parish council added a number of other apple, plum and pear trees. There are already a couple of damson trees on the site. Anyway I started a FaceBook page for the picnic site and put pictures on the Tarporley Ward Matters Facebook site and more and more people started to take an interest. I suppose we’re all trying eat healthily and have become so much more aware of freshness and of foodmiles and the harm they cause the environment.

The idea of community orchards seems to be really catching on…!

Recently I walked into one of our local Tarporley shops and was greeted with the question, “When are we going to get a community orchard here in Tarporley?” Well that could happen sooner than you think. There are a number of little patches of land around the village that could accommodate a fruit tree or two. The pear tree is the emblem of Tarporley and a couple of trees have been planted on verges in the past. Maybe another couple and maybe some damsons could be fitted into the area where the new sports field will be built. Ideas for varieties and other spaces to plant them would be great. If there are too many to eat then they could be harvested and given to homeless charities or made into juice…

In Little Budworth a corner of the Green may be saved for the planting of some fruit trees for residents of the village. Just yesterday, in Utkinton two people suggested that they knew of a site for their own little orchard…

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