A donkey or a doer?

Sarah Pearson was brought up in Derbyshire and worked in pharmaceutical R&D in Leicestershire for 18 years. Sarah and Gordon moved to Tarporley when their daughter was a baby; she is now 15 and at Tarporley High School.

Since moving into the village Sarah has been the secretary for Tarporley Primary School PTA, a founding member of Decibellas Women’s Choir in 2010, and is now Vice President of Tarporley Women’s Institute, having joined when it reformed nearly 5 years ago.  Her partner Gordon worked for 3 years on the Tarporley Neighbourhood Plan during its inception. Following this he joined the Parish Council and has been its Chairman for 2 years.

Q1. What has made you decide to back our independent candidate, Eveleigh Moore Dutton, in the local elections rather than a candidate from a party?

Having previously lived in very Labour supporting areas, I was told when I first voted in Tarporley, that it was a very strong Conservative area so it didn’t really make any difference who I voted for because blue would win!  The phrase ‘you could tie a blue ribbon on a donkey and people would vote for it’ still sticks in my mind!  However local elections are very different to general elections for many reasons and political party manifestos shouldn’t come into local issues.

I have become aware of Eveleigh over many years, as she has worked closely with Gordon on many matters involving the Tarporley Neighbourhood Plan and Tarporley Parish Council.  I have seen how he is able to phone her – often during unsociable hours – about lots of different issues, and always receives valuable advice and help.

I know Eveleigh because of her involvement and volunteering at the Village Carnival, Tarporley Lights Switch on at Christmas, at Tarporley Country Market, as a friend at the WI, and through these connections she has become a valued friend, as well as someone I look up to and admire.

Eveleigh has lots of experience (in life not just council work!) and always gives a measured, well thought out and reasoned response to a problem.  She is certainly not one to jump on an ‘emotional bandwagon’ when problems arise.  As an independent, she is not required to toe a party line, or try to convince me that ‘her party is best’ to the detriment of any others.  She can focus wholeheartedly on issues that matter locally.

I have no hesitation in voting for Eveleigh in the Local Elections as she works hard for the whole ward, and I know she will continue to do so given the opportunity.

Q2. What do you look for when considering local council candidates?

Given the many huge challenges and projects facing the ward, including parking, social care and the new sports facilities, we need a Ward Councillor with experience, vigour and competence to help these schemes through to fruition.

Also an interest in creating community orchards, caring for our environment, being involved in our schools and all the communities in the ward at grass roots level.

Q3. What would you say to residents if chatting about the local elections?

Please weigh up carefully what is important to us as a ward…  Is that subsidising free car parking in Chester?  Is that a new railway station in Beeston?  Is that a reduction of 50p in our council tax?

Or is it affordable housing, provision for our youth, adequate car parking for our local businesses, customers and staff, social housing for our vulnerable older neighbours and/or a local bus provision to reduce isolation for the young and elderly?

We get to choose the best ward Councillor for the job – please vote for Eveleigh.

Q4. What will you say to Eveleigh next time you see her in the ward?

I’m hoping it will be Congratulations on a very well-deserved win!!

However, as Eveleigh is so often in the ward helping residents, I’m sure I’ll be saying hello before then!

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