A plague on all of them?

"We hardly know who to believe and we don't know who to vote for".

I apologise for the language but have heard this sentiment many times recently

So many people are telling me that, not only have they lost confidence in the big political parties, but that they are close to losing faith in our democratic system. They really don’t know what each party stands for and its not just on Brexit! In every party there seem to be factions plotting against one another, jockeying for position and openly briefing against their leaders.

“We hardly know who to believe and we don’t know who to vote for”.

The situation is not helped when each side produces “evidence” that allegedly proves their own virtue and the dastardly dishonesty or incompetence of the other. Instead of putting forward honest, costed policies we have sweeping statements claiming that, for example, one council or another repairs more potholes than another. Conveniently they neglect to say whether the two councils have the same
length of roads or whether the roads are in a comparable condition or even how they define a pothole. One party claims that they would charge less council tax than the governing party but doesn’t tell you that the saving would be mere pence per month for the average family. Frequently the same party that demands more road repairs also wants to cut budgets.

This approaching local election is an opportunity for you to tell these parties what you think of their finger pointing, plotting and evasiveness. Traditionally you could have stayed away from the polling stations or turned up and spoiled your ballot papers. I hate to tell you this but if you do that you are either considered to be:-

i) unconcerned by the state of our democracy,

ii) happy with the state of affairs or

iii)simply not counted.

If you vote independent in Tarporley Ward you will get a councillor with a track record of competent and caring local service and a burning desire to serve you again. Failing that you have a choice between two parties widely considered to be no-hopers or an inexperienced and largely unproved candidate.

Your Choice Your Voice Your Future

One Chance for Change

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