Untruths and Rumours

Untruth about Council Tax Increase

Someone is spreading a rumour that the increase in Council Tax can be reversed by voting one way or another in the local elections in May. This is simply and absolutely untrue. The budget for the new financial year was voted on and agreed by Council in February and CANNOT be reversed! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and please don’t give them your vote in exchange for an untruth. Tell them that you know that the Conservative budget would have saved the average family 53p a week and that should be spent on making our community safer, cleaner and decent in terms of care for the elderly and the neglected or disadvantaged children.

On the left you will see the deplorable state of Birch Heath Road in Tarporley. It is rotten and beyond its useful life, filling in potholes is no longer a viable option. Proper repairs cost real money!

I hope that there is no disputing the fact that all the councillors on Cheshire West and Chester Council support proper funding for care for our frail, elderly neighbours and family members who need help washing, dressing and feeding themselves? I believe there is also agreement that our neglected, abused or special needs children should have proper, funded care? We have known for years that these needs are rising and while that continues we have a moral obligation to do the right thing!

On the left you will see the state of the bins on the Tarporley by-pass quite recently. Obviously I reported this and got it cleared up but is it any wonder that the verges are a vista of litter? Of course people should not dump waste in such an irresponsible fashion but, in the meantime, clearing the mess up has to be paid for. Quite possibly more technology or better management could stop it getting quite so bad but this doesn’t come free either.
Right now the waste disposal contract is being renegotiated and I will eat my pretty hat if it comes in cheaper than the current one.

Please don’t reward a liar with a vote in May! They can say what they like about me but when residents are being lied to…that is simply unacceptable!

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