Supporting the High Street and Beyond

and not just with words

Our High Street in Tarporley is a thriving delight of independent traders, new shops open regularly and hardy stalwarts like Blaggs and the Tarporley DIY Shop continue to serve local residents. If a vacancy does occur it is seldom empty for long. This level of growth and success brings its own problems of course.

Cutting the ribbon to open a new shop

It might be worth saying, at this point, that while Cheshire West and Chester Council collect the business rates these are not set by the Council and are passed onto Central government who redistribute some of the money. Unless the Council owns premises the rent is also not set by the Council. This means that, in the High Street, neither rates nor rent are the responsibility of local councillors

Parking is just one issue and believe me, when I lived and worked on the High Street it was even worse than it is now. Since then more spaces have been made by having relining of the Rising Sun Car Park and the Tarporley Community Centre Car Park. The future of the car park behind the old British Legion Club has been secured and will soon open, resurfaced and laid out in a better fashion. This event will make quite a difference as it is the safe drop off point for the primary school.

When the limited time parking was introduced residents and businesses were consulted. I helped deliver the consultation documents to High Street and adjacent businesses.

When I lived and worked on Tarporley High Street I used to help clear and grit the pavements in wintry weather

Currently I am engaged in trying to set up a local bus service that will connect the villages of Utkinton, Cotebrook, Eaton and Little Budworth to Tarporley High Street. This would have advantages to local residents, the environment and the local economy. I want it to benefit shoppers wanting to get to the High Street or to the chemist or dentists as well as people who will be able to get to work as well as socialise. Isolation is a pressing problem.

Of course I get involved with other ventures in other places whether it is a licensing issue, planning or highways. Please bear in mind that farms are also businesses and the High School is probably the largest single employer in the ward. They all matter whether they are a new coffee shop opening in a small village or a farmer whose deliveries are affected by a road closure! If you live outside Tarporley village you will probably be aware that I have been helping get the Rose Farm Shop bus to serve Eaton and Little Budworth as well.

A new and lovely coffee shop in Eaton

Some helpful advice. If you are thinking of setting up your own business you could do a lot worse than going to for free advice on setting up, effective marketing, applicable regulations, employment advice and researching the market. There may
even be some grant funding you can apply for!

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