I agree with Charles…

Letter in Tarporley News

In agreeing with the sentiments in the letter to Tarporley News I would also like to just mention a few of the great opportunities for younger residents already available in the whole ward. Please excuse me if I miss out a few, it isn’t deliberate, its just that there are so many…

I was at the recent meeting getting the Tarporley Best Kept Village team set up where there were two articulate and willing Tarporley High School Sixth Formers attending who were positive in their contributions and most welcome. When I helped with one of the Best Kept Village team’s clean-up days I came across even younger people giving a hand. I know that Tarporley High School does a huge amount in preparing their students to be responsible adults, encouraging a great deal of volunteering, so much of which can pass unappreciated by those of us old enough to be the parents of young adults. They are very impressive young people.

I know, through friends and my role as a governor at Tarporley C of E Primary School that a lot of the really active PTA members are themselves, young and busy with families and work commitments who still find the time and energy to volunteer. As a school governor I am constantly impressed by the way the schools teach them skills that prepare them for the real world; far more emphasis on good spelling, grammar and numeracy than there was a few years ago and great awareness of life beyond our borders and lives so very different from their own.

Tarporley businesses certainly do their best to give opportunities to youngsters to experience the world of work and The Old Fire Station Chocolate Shop is a good example, as are Little Tap, Coast, The Rising Sun, Latte Da… I applaud them all especially as it gives our young people real world opportunities they can fit around their studies and flexibility that allows them to move onto further education or employment opportunities with good references. I would also like to give a shout out to the volunteers of all ages (and none!) who run the youth club in Eaton and where a fantastic play facility is provided for youngsters.

Their are a number of voluntary organisations in Tarporley village such as Brownies, Scouts, Beavers… as well as in the other villages in the ward that are always grateful for young volunteers and service for these groups adds to a student’s CV when applying to universities or other colleges and apprenticeships.

There is just so much more that I can say …. Younger people should be appreciated and encouraged; given opportunities to build up their experience in bite-sized pieces without being thrown in at the deep end. We really should balance the value of experience and changing with the need to give opportunities and experience, regardless of age.

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