Letter to Residents

I have been amazed and touched by the response to the letter reproduced above. Thank you to all who have emailed me, messaged me or spoken to me in the past week. It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to do things with and for the people of this lovely ward. So far close to 100 responses have come to me and the most fascinating conversations have followed. To be honest there are things on the list that I had forgotten I had done. There are also a few things not on the list but they are mostly the things done for individual residents and I promise that help given in confidence remains confidential.

An astonishingly high proportion of the responses have said that local politics and national politics are so very different and that many of you vote one way in local elections and a different way in general elections. So many have said that local politics should be far more unifying and less divisive, actively seeking common ground for the common good and that local councillors should put people before Party.

A note from a well respected resident

Finally may I say that that one big thing that has come out of these recent conversations is the number of things that still need doing!

For years now, I have worked on the parking issue with the borough council and the parish council; High Street businesses and residents were extensively consulted and voted for the time limited spaces now implemented on the High Street. More spaces were created by re-lining the Rising Sun Car Park and the Tarporley Community Centre car park, the parking spaces on the former British Legion Car Park were saved from development; but there is more going on that cannot be reported to you at this point.

I am working with Frank Tunney to create a very local bus service that will link the smaller villages with Tarporley High Street. This could take around a year to implement though I would like it done sooner.

The future of Oathills Lea is very close to my heart and I would like to continue to protect and improve the facility that is a loved home to some of our older residents.

Then there is the sports ground on Brook Road…

Did you know that homes in Tarporley are the least affordable in the borough?

The changes to the school bus transport policy that I fought so hard for have yet to be implemented.

There is so much still to be done! So many ideas….

I would love to have a community orchard in Tarporley, like the one we are planting in Eaton. I want the local businesses to continue to thrive right across the ward. I want there to be better facilities for younger people, I want to work with you to protect and enhance the environment all around us…

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