40 little somethings

An idea sent to me

Please forgive me if this sounds preachy; as the daughter of a lay preacher I am aware of the perils and I know I only have to walk down the High Street to bump into people who do so much and give so much already. (I do try not to actually bump into you!)

Someone sent me the picture above and I am going to start giving away some of my old treasures that I no longer need or love so much but it occurs to me that there are 40 little somethings that we can all do to make the world around us just a little bit better. This morning I suddenly thought that if more residents helped the Tarporley Best Kept Village campaign for 40 minutes, or picked up 40 pieces of litter we would soon have a wonderful place to live. (This isn’t an idea just for Tarporley village I am very aware that the ward is so much more than one village!)

Its so easy to just give up something that we also hope will make us slimmer or fitter or something…forty minutes being kind to someone can be harder but what a difference it makes. It doesn’t have to be 40 things all in one go, we can spread it out…

If you would like to help the Best Kept Village Campaign in Tarporley please look on FaceBook for “Tarporley Best Kept Village” or email lisamiller1974@gmail.com

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