Power to the local people!

The pictures above show a few of the wonderful things that can be achieved when the people most affected are empowered to take control. The fingerpost had deteriorated into a sad neglected state and just wasn’t high on the priorities of the principle local authority, Cheshire West and Chester with its responsibility for neglected and abused children, schools, frail elderly people, public health, the local economy…

I asked the Council to hand over the fingerposts to parish councils in the Tarporley Ward and this pleased all parties. In a similar way the old picnic site in Eaton was handed over to the parish council for £1 and legal costs and when it looked like the RBL car park, the allotments and the bowling green were at risk I intervened to ensure that they became the property of Tarporley Parish Council. The result in each case has meant a revival of interest, inspiring local people to put their own efforts into creating valued local assets secure for public use for the future.

By contrast consider the dreary state of the Rode Street roundabout the dismal gateway to Tarporley. It has been cared for in an uninspired and institutional fashion when it could become a shining example of the village and its values. Similarly the horrible state of the public toilets in Tarporley are a disgrace to Cheshire West and Chester Council; closed and useless when the Parish Council could take them over and save CWaC Council the maintenance, the insurance and distraction. I support the Parish Council in wanting to make use of this useless white elephant but instead Cheshire West and Chester Council wants to charge rental on a neglected facility that nobody else seems to want! Disgraceful,

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