Eaton – definitely not a mess

You know I love and work with all the four parish councils that make up Tarporley ward. Today I would like to just cast the spotlight onto Eaton and Rushton Parish Council and the great things a little village achieves. I have lost count of the number of times over the years that they have been highly placed in Best Kept Village competitions. they have a Youth Centre run by volunteers, they have a marvellous Village Hall that is constantly in use including running a film club and social events for older residents. There are dance, yoga and self defence
classes as well

Every autumn a very happy day is spent by dozens of volunteers clearing up fallen leaves and sweeping up ready for Remembrance Day. The atmosphere is so jolly especially when the hot mince pies and mulled wine are brought out.

The thing that is closest to my heart and in which I played a very happy key role was the acquisition of the picnic area. I will write a fuller article about this in due course

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