Postal Vote?

If you have never contemplated voting by post now might be a good time to do so. There is a lot of speculation in the media about another snap election that could catch us unawares. It caught out a number of people in 2017 …it wasn’t just Brenda who said, “Ooohhhh Noooo”.

If you have work or family commitments or hope to go on holiday or… well there are a lot of reasons…. you might want to be sure that your vote counts. If you have a postal vote you can still make the traditional trip to your polling station but take your postal vote in its envelope and put that in the ballot box.

If you want to register for a postal vote you can do so up until 11 days before polling day but that can be cutting it fine so why delay?
In this area we do have an election for borough and parish councils on 2nd May this year.

If you want to apply for a postal vote online you can :-

email and ask for an application form to be sent to you. The postal address is Cheshire West and Chester Council, Democratic Services, 4 Civic Way , Ellesmere Port, CH65 0BE. They can also supply you with a  proxy vote application form if you know you will be away and you want someone else to vote on your behalf. In the event of a medical emergency an emergency proxy can be applied for up to 5pm on polling day but will need the support of a medical professional.

You can download and print one from the website but if you live in Tarporley Ward and would like I can drop one off for you as I have a few copies.

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